C3 Youth Purpose

C3 Youth Ministries exists to make disciples of Jesus who Love People, Live Like Jesus, and Serve the World.

Steps we will take to achieve our purpose statement...all for the sake of Christ

  • Reaching out to the Lost
  • Creating an Environment of Worship
  • Engaging Students in Study of the Word
  • Developing a Mindset of Service
  • Partnering with Parents to Disciple their Students

C3 Youth Programs that enable us to achieve our purpose:
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C3 Youth.Love. (Wednesday Nights 6:30-8:00 pm)

Our Wednesday Night program serves as an open door for new students. We want our students to feel comfortable inviting their friends to a program in which they can be with close friends, youth coaches, and still encounter the truth of God’s Word. We seek to achieve this through a mixture of interactive games, a variety of worship, small groups of discussion, and teaching. This night is all about fellowship, and building relationships together while opening God’s Word together. 

C3 Youth.Live. Small Groups (Weekly)

Our small groups are set up for students to grow deeper in their relationships with God and with each other. Students are led by one or more youth coaches who serve as encouragers, mentors, and teachers. These age and gender-appropriate groups will vary on where and when they meet depending on the group dynamic. These groups are all about life application. Taking the truths they are learning and putting them into practice and providing accountability along the way.

C3 Youth.Live. Sunday School (9:00 am)

Our Sunday School is split into two classes (Junior High and High School) that meet for fellowship and a deeper study of God’s Word. The aim is not only to teach the Word, but also to teach the students how to study, understand, and interpret for themselves in order to encourage and enhance their own devotional time with God. Sunday Morning really seek to make kids own their own faith and not cling to the faith of their parents, sponsors, or leaders in their life.

Events, Trips, and Projects

Our events, trips, and projects happen throughout the year and each event has a particular purpose and focus. Embedded in them all are these core values: to build healthy relationships with each other, to break out of the day-to-day routines in order to reevaluate and focus on God, to serve people and practice spiritual disciplines, and to create experiences and memories that serve as building blocks for a life-long commitment and relationship with Jesus Christ. All of our trips have been great kick-starts for our students who have been “coasting” in their spiritual lives. Being able to get away and get with God really re-focuses our students on their purpose.