Love God, love others & serve the world.
At C3, we are focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, by the study of His Word and by loving other people.


We want to become a church that loves God by our worship (inspiration), while studying His word (investigation), taking the time to serve others (integration) and live out His word daily (implementation).

With God’s guidance and blessing, Carterville Christian Church will position itself as a church that appeals to those desiring to have their spiritual, emotional and physical needs effectively met by providing applicable, Bible-based teaching and preaching, life-on-life evangelism and discipleship, relevant and dynamic worship and quality programming.


Commitment to Jesus Christ

Carterville Christian Church believes that Jesus Christ must come first in the life of everyone called by Him. Commitment to Jesus Christ as the first priority gives us unity, focus, and direction in everything we do.

Commitment to Christ's Body, the Church

Just as we are committed to Jesus Christ, so are we committed to His body the church. Balanced and consistent Christian growth is possible only when our commitment to the body is lived out in our commitment to each other.

Commitment to Christ's Work in the World

At Carterville Christian Church our love and concern go far beyond the doors of our building. God's love for all people inspires us to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ to people wherever they are. This is the task to which Christ has called us and to which we joyfully respond.