C3 Bible College Scholarship 

This scholarship is intended to be an investment in students who wish to train for Christian service at an approved, Restoration Movement Bible College (undergraduate). Recipients will be determined annually by the C3 Scholarship Committee who represent the C3 Elders.

The amount is determined annually and will be indicated on an award certificate to be presented to the student, which can be given to the school. Scholarship applications (located below) must be submitted by June 1st if starting in the Fall semester, and December 1st if starting in the Spring. 

Currently, the value of the scholarship is:

  • Year 1: $750/semester

  • Year 2: $1,000/semester

  • Year 3: $1,250/semester

  • Year 4: $1,500/semester

Scholarships are automatically renewed annually based on the following:

  • Student must maintain Christian character, purity and integrity in personal conduct, relationships and academics. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate any failures in these areas to the school and a C3 staff member in order to enter into an accountability and mentoring relationship.

  • OCC Students must attend and serve at C3. Students are asked to contribute to the ministry and community of C3. Students are required to notify C3 if they receive a paid internship/ministry that prevents them from attending and serving at C3. (This does not disqualify student from further scholarship assistance; however, we need to know for accountability.) Students are required to notify C3 if paid internship/ministry ceases in order to discuss future plans. If not attending OCC, student must notify committee of church they will be attending and serving.

  • Student must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA each academic year. Student must release grades to be sent to C3 at the end of each semester. If student loses the scholarship at the end of an academic year, it may be renewed following the completion of one semester by reaching a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Student must maintain a full time academic status (12 hours). If in a cooperative agreement, student must maintain a full time status between the two institutions. Scholarship will be applied up to, but not in excess of direct Bible college costs (tuition, fees, room and board). Bible colleges will be notified to not issue refunds of any remaining scholarship dollars to student, but credit may be carried over to the following semester.