This page contains information about Life Groups, C3 College Age, C3 Women, and C3 Men ministries.

Life Groups

We were created to live in community. God never wants us to go through the trials and joys of life alone. C3 LifeGroups provide a place for people to explore God's word in community and live out their faith on mission. In all of life's circumstances, we are always Better Together! Click below to join a Life Group today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a LifeGroup?
You can sign up any Sunday at the Welcome Center in the lobby or fill out the form above. If you are new to C3 you can sign up when taking the Discover Carterville class that is offered roughly every other month. Or you can simply contact Connections Pastor, Johnny Templeton.

What is a LifeGroup?
LifeGroups are small groups of people that meet weekly in someone’s home for food, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.

Are there groups that have married couples and singles together?
The majority of our groups are either all single or all married, but we do have a few groups that have both.

Is childcare provided for each group meeting?
C3 provides childcare for groups on Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night.

When and where do groups meet?
Our groups primarily meet on Sunday night, Tuesday night, or Wednesday night. The groups generally meet in the home a group member. Some groups prefer to take turns meeting in different members’ homes.

How long does each group meeting last?
This often depends on if group members use C3 childcare. If the group does use childcare the meeting will generally last around and hour and a half. If the group does not use childcare the group could last closer to two hours.

What do groups study?
Each group picks their own curriculum to study. The majority of our groups use curriculum that goes along with the current sermon series on Sunday mornings at C3. 

Do I have to be a member of C3 to be a part of a LifeGroup?
Absolutely not! In fact, we love for our groups to invite those outside the church to join.

C3 College Age

C3 College Age exists to prepare students for the next phase of life by providing a community to fall back on. We have a Sunday morning bible study and small group options to help students take their next step both relationally and spiritually.

C3 Women and C3 Men

Admit it, you need a girl’s day! C3 Women is a community of ladies to laugh with, cry with and walk through life with. Men need men to carry each other through life. C3 Men exists to build each other up as fathers, husbands and followers of Jesus.