Expectations for a Worship Team Member

To be a part of the C3 worship team you must be a regular attendee of Carterville Christian Church. This means attending at least one service every Sunday whether you are scheduled or not.

The C3 worship team is responsible for music and worship in every aspect of the church and in every ministry. This means that every member must be open to serving in different roles: Sunday morning, C3Youth,  C3 College Age, Station 4.19, etc.  You may not end up being asked to do some of these things but as a member of this team it will be your responsibility to fill spots as needed and requested.

For those selected, schedules will be posted in advance via our online planning software called “Planning Center Online”. If you have not used PCO before, we will help you set up an account and teach you the basics. We understand that emergencies come up, so we ask our volunteers to make this commitment a priority on their personal calendar. We recognize and appreciate the time our volunteers invest in this ministry. 

Our rehearsal times are Thursday nights starting at 6:30pm, and Sunday mornings starting at 7:30am. These times are subject to change for holidays or for major events requiring multiple practices. Material for each week will be sent out through PCO every Monday which allows you to already be prepared by the time you come to practice on Thursday nights. This rehearsal time will be used primarily for practicing arrangements and dynamics for each song, not individual parts. You will be expected to have your parts memorized by the day of the service.

Volunteer Age Requirements:

Station 4.19 Worship - 7th Grade and up.
C3 Youth Worship - 9th-12th Grade or approved Youth sponsor.
Sunday Morning Worship - High School Graduate and up.

C3 Worship Team Vision and Mission

Our vision is “to worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24 says, “ God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” To carry this out, our mission is to worship, engage, and excel. Our primary purpose is to worship God. 

Being a part of a worship team is a huge responsibility. We are called not only to be ‘worship leaders’, but more importantly ‘lead worshipers’. Every week we want to lead the congregation to the foot of the throne of God by whatever means necessary. I want you to know that I care much more about that being accomplished than if we play every song perfectly or hit every note. If we completely mess up a song, but we know that people in the church were still moved by the presence of God in worship then we have accomplished our purpose. God must be the focus and must be glorified above all else if we are to do our jobs successfully. 

Humility is paramount because our human nature is prideful and I believe that one of the main ways, if not theway, that the devil tries to get to us as worship leaders is through pride. It can be extremely easy to stand on a stage under the lights, sing a song, and have everyone tell you how good you are, and begin to believe it. But I hope I am always the first to tell you that I am nothing, we are nothing, if not for God. He has given us every good and perfect gift. He has given us every bit of talent and ability that we have because He created every part of us. And that is why we must be humble. That is why we worship, to give everything that we have to Him because it is His to begin with and He is more than worthy of everything that we have to give. So if at any point, you have the opportunity to lead worship on any level, my hope and prayer for you, for myself, and for this worship team is that we never forget that it is a blessing and a privilege to be able to serve the almighty God in this way and it can be gone in an instant.

May every opportunity we get to worship be one of complete surrender in praise to Him.

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