Robin Sigars



Coming to C3 in the Spring of 2007 was a great move and opportunity for myself, family and the church. I love the opportunity that I have as the Senior Pastor; from preaching and teaching, to meeting new people and leading them to a relationship with God. God has blessed me so much in my role here at C3. This is an incredible church, with incredible servants of God striving to be the church that Jesus Christ meant for us to be. 

Favorite restaurant: That’s hard, I love to eat! Krispy Kreme is not a restaurant is it? I’m going to go with a place that very few people will know about, Doe’s Eat Place! It’s a great steak place in Bentonville AR! 

Favorite hobby: Wow, hobby? I really don’t have a hobby - I’m not good at anything like that, but I do love to go trout fishing and play golf with some good friends of mine.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Fly - definitely fly!

FC Shultz