Sammi Shultz



When I think back to my elementary and teen years, I can tell you the names of individuals who invested in my life and showed me what it looked like to be like Jesus! The impact those people had in my life has given me the passion to do the same… invest in and be Jesus to others. I love being able to use this passion to serve the children and families of C3! I love to laugh and teach, and it’s an honor to help create an environment where children can come and experience joy as they learn about Jesus.

Favorite restaurant: Panera! An everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese is my happy place :)

Favorite hobby: Baking! Not the best at it but I do enjoy it!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? The ability to always wear the right outfit for the weather, event or activity. This would eliminate so much stress from my life!

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