Stacey Spikereit



I love planning, organizing, creating and problem solving! I am so thankful this is how I get to serve and lead with my teammates, as they are constantly striving to develop disciples in Jesus. It excites me to help create the big picture view for them as they lead in each of their smaller frameworks of ministry. I am blessed to walk alongside the families of C3, as their lives are in constant motion and growth; I love opportunities to encourage them to place Christ at the center of their lives and home.

Favorite restaurant: Cheddar’s, or Red Onion or McAllister’s

Favorite hobby: Cooking, yard work and I enjoy refinishing furniture. But, most of all and most of my time is spent hanging with my kids at their events!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? For sure, Superhuman Speed! (to clean, to get to games/events, to cook dinner after work before practices)

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