C3 Creative Arts Team

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the C3 Creative Arts Team at Carterville Christian Church, and desiring to use your talents to glorify God through C3 Music or C3 Tech.

C3 Tech Team

If you are interested in serving on the C3 Tech Team, please contact Creative Arts Minister, Keith Bell using the form below.

C3 Music Team

The C3 Music Team strives for a high level of quality and excellence, so we ask, prior to your audition, that you prayerfully consider the commitment required for this team.

Steps to Auditioning for the C3 Music Team:

1. Read the Requirements and Expectations for a C3 Music Team Member, the Vision and Mission of the C3 Music Team and complete the Creative Arts Ministry Application.

2. Read, listen and download Audition Information.

If you have questions regarding any of this process, please contact Worship Minister, Jon-Michael Bontrager